Employability Awareness Week for the Chinese Job Market: 2nd – 6th August

The universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter have organised a series of webinars focused on the Chinese job market. York students are welcome to join these webinars, but you will need to sign up in advance to attend. Please note these webinars will be conducted in Mandarin.

  • Zhilian-Report and Analysis on Employment Ability of Overseas Chinese Students
  • 51job-Analysis report on the employability of UK returnees
  • Jobs Haigui-The New Era CareerĀ Planning and ChallengesĀ for Overseas Chinese Returnees
  • Lockin China Pre-work guidance workshop
  • UniCareer-The latest employment trends in Mainland China of key sectors
  • PwC Youplus-Prepare for campus recruitment: find your core competitiveness

Find out more about the webinars and sign up to attend.

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