The Brilliant Club PhD researcher opportunity 2021/22

The Brilliant Club is a university access charity. They work closely with PhD and post-doctoral researchers, training them as university access professionals and placing them as tutors in schools. Here they deliver academically rigorous programmes to small groups of high potential pupils from low HE-participation backgrounds.

The charity works in partnership with universities and schools across the UK; to date nearly 2,000 researchers have worked as PhD tutors.

This year The Brilliant Club are running two programmes for researchers to get involved with: The Scholars Programme and The Brilliant Tutoring Programme.

What does it offer PhD researchers and post-doctoral researchers?

Our Researcher Development Programme develops competencies which can be mapped onto the vitae framework.

Our tutor outcomes framework outlines our 4 key competencies:

  1. Teaching and pedagogy – Tutors are trained and supported to design a programme of study and assessment for pupils. They will support pupils to bridge the gap between school and university and develop reflective pedagogical skills.
  2. Communication and Public Engagement – Tutors deliver a series of academic tutorials based around their expertise, allowing structured opportunities to disseminate their research to a non-specialist audience. This work has been evaluated by UCAS to show a “strongly significant” impact on pupils’ likelihood of progression to highly-selective universities.
  3. Professional and Career Development – Tutors will develop their time management skills, confidence, and ability to form networks with other researchers. Throughout the programme there are a number of opportunities to develop transferable skills to support future careers both in and outside of academia.
  4. Fair Access – Tutors will build links with their local community through the school placement and will understand the barriers to HE. They will create learning environments to support the success of students from all backgrounds.


Tutors get paid £500 per placement, plus an additional £100 for designing a new Scholars Programme course, and travel expenses.

The Brilliant Club are running information webinars to find out more about the opportunity. Sign up for an information webinar here.

Successful applicants are able to select which terms they would like to work, on which programme, and whether they would like to deliver multiple placements. 

You can read a full job specification here, and apply here.  

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email The Brilliant Club at

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