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Postgraduate Professional Development & Skills Programme 21/22

Following our PGR Induction last week, we are very happy to announce the launch of our 2021/22 Researcher Professional Development & Skills Programme!

Whether you are a new or existing PGR, we invite you to take a look at the training programme, which outlines our full range of professional development and skills training sessions. The programme includes links for each session, so you can easily find out more information and book onto them via SkillsForge. Simply click on “PGR” next to your sessions of choice.

Our sessions begin on Tuesday 5th October 2021 – so don’t miss out!

Sessions typically close to new bookings 2 working days before they take place, and you will be emailed joining instructions before the session starts. This email will include an Attendance Form (which is used to update your training record on SkillsForge, so please fill this out for every session!), and a Feedback Form (which we use to continually refine our training sessions).

Please note that while SkillsForge only shows training for PGRs, the programme also shows Research Staff training. If you are having issues with accessing one of our sessions on SkillsForge, please email the RET Team (see below), but if you are having general issues accessing SkillsForge, please contact

Being an Effective Researcher Tutorial (BERT)

All new Postgrads are strongly encouraged to complete BERT, which can be accessed online via the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). The aim of this interactive tutorial is to provide you with essential information to get you off to a good start with your research degree.

All PGRs should have been automatically enrolled onto the tutorial, which will be available when you sign into the VLE. If this isn’t the case, please let the RET Team know. If you are having issues accessing the VLE, please contact

PGR Career Journey

During your PhD you will have a range of opportunities to develop your research and professional skills, but it can sometimes be difficult to find out what’s available, when you could do it, and whether it’s right for you. The Postgraduate Researcher Career Journey aims to support you from the point when you start your PhD, through to the later stages of career decision making and applications. The Journey is interactive – click on the links to be taken to the relevant web page.

A range of opportunities are included, with a suggested timeline linked to your PhD progression, focused around three key themes: Researching your career options; Academic and professional development; and Applications and recruitment.

If you have questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact the RET Team on

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