Impact Fortnight 2021: Place and Research Impact

We hope you will join us for Impact Fortnight 2021: Place and Research Impact, this year’s Impact Conference, which will be a series of online events from 15-26 November considering what “Place” means for us as a University for Public Good.

The events will include talks from internal and external speakers considering the landscape of “Place” as it applies to our civic mission and our work on a global scale, and we will also provide more hands-on impact training sessions. We plan that this series will provide thought-provoking, new perspectives as well as concrete, practical advice about research impact relevant to the concept of “Place”.

For further information see the Impact Fortnight 2021 webpage.

Registration is now open for each of the six individual events. Please follow the links below to register.

Impact Fortnight 2021: Place and Research Impact

  1. What does it mean to be a civic university for the public good?

M 15 Nov 10am-1pm

  1. Arts, culture and placemaking: what role can research play? A place and community event

W 17 Nov 10.30am-12.45pm

  1. Impact forum: research impacts in challenging political contexts

Th 18 Nov 10.30am-12noon

  1. Place in REF impact case studies: surgery sessions

W 24 Nov 3-5pm

  1. Inequalities in the cultural and creative economies

Hosted by the Research Theme Champions

    Th 25 Nov 9.30-11am

  1. Place at a global level

F 26 Nov 1-4pm 

We look forward to seeing you there.

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