Preparing for your Viva

Calling all final year PhDs!

Whether your Viva is a few weeks or a few months away, be fully prepared to defend your Thesis with our “Preparing for your Viva” training sessions.

Our next session takes place on 24th November 2021 and can be booked here

This session focuses on how to prepare for the viva and the viva process. We examine the pre-viva time with the requirements of the viva for both you and the University, how your viva will progress and how you can prepare. We then look at the viva itself with tips for giving better answers first time around and dealing with awkward questions before a mini mock viva gives you the chance to practice.

By the end of these sessions, participants will be able to:

  • know the processes and procedures for the viva examination at the University of York
  • to consider how to prepare in the lead up to the viva
  • anticipate the issues and questions likely to be raised by the viva
  • understand how to be effective in answering viva questions

We offer these sessions throughout the year, but they can get fully booked, so make sure you book early to secure your place!

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