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In conjunction with the Learning & Teaching (L&T) conference, the Academic Skills Community (ASC) is offering a series of three workshops designed to help you engage with and prepare for the 2022 L&T conference. Over the three workshops, you will have the opportunity to work closely with experts who will offer advice on creating poster presentation, and putting together and delivering presentations.

Workshop One: It’s all in the presentation: creating and presenting your slides

Thursday 3 February 2022 10am – 12pm

PowerPoint and Google Slides include many under-exploited features that can help you create more effective presentations and other resources. This session explores the principles of designing presentations, including templates, animation and working with media. We’ll also look at how to source and evidence the information you include and how to convey your material to an audience.

Workshop Two: Academic Posters: Posters with a Power(ful) Point

Thursday 17 February 2022 10am – 12pm

Informative posters are a popular way to share information and research work at conferences and exhibitions, but what’s the best application to use to create them? Word? Publisher? Surprisingly good results can be obtained using PowerPoint, because although intended for presentations, it shares many features with publishing applications. In this session we’ll explain and demonstrate what approach to use, how to configure PowerPoint and enhance the quality of your images and text.

Workshop Three: Oral presentations for conferences: how to increase audience engagement

Thursday 17 February 2022 2pm – 3pm

This workshop will focus on how to increase audience engagement with your presentation by using

  • your voice and body effectively
  • a number of linguistic structures and devices to add clarity, emphasis and impact.

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