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York Graduate Research School (YGRS) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) are excited to introduce the PGR Forum, which will have its inaugural meeting on Wednesday 27 April 2022 (11.00-12.30pm online).

What is the PGR Forum?

PGRs play a key role in the research and teaching endeavours of the University so it’s vital that you have an institutional voice. YGRS and the GSA meet regularly, as do the GSA and PGR academic representatives (‘PGR academic reps’), but this will be the first time that YGRS, the GSA and PGR academic reps have been brought together, with the aim of enabling a wider range of PGR views to be heard within the University.  

YGRS and the GSA hope that the Forum will provide an opportunity for:

  • PGRs (via their PGR academic reps) to raise University-level issues with YGRS and the GSA
  • YGRS to keep the PGR community informed of its vision and strategy
  • YGRS and the GSA to listen to the views of PGRs on a range of issues.  

We envisage that the structure and scope of the Forum will evolve over time in response to your feedback and we’ll be seeking your views on this, and other initiatives, in due course (though do feel free to email or contact the GSA in the meantime). We will also need to experiment to get the right format for Forum meetings (this will include striking a balance between in-person and online meetings).

Who are the PGR academic reps?

PGR academic reps are elected (and occasionally co-opted) once a year within your department or centre to represent your interests on relevant committees (e.g .the Graduate School Board) and to the GSA. If you’re not sure who your PGR academic rep is then speak to your Graduate Administrator or contact the GSA.

How can I get involved – I’m a PGR academic rep?

If you’re a PGR academic rep you’ll be invited to attend the Forum by the GSA. A Zoom link will be sent nearer the time: please reply so that we know how many to expect. 

Please ask the PGRs you represent if there are any areas they’d like to see explored at the Forum (this should not include individual PGR cases or departmental-specific issues) and contact the VP Academic of the GSA with the details (by 13 April). An agenda will be published in advance of the meeting and you should ask the PGRs you represent if they have any views on the agenda items.   

How can I get involved – I’m not a PGR academic rep? 

Please contact your PGR academic rep (by 12 April) if there are any areas that you’d like to see discussed at the Forum (this should not include individual PGR cases or departmental-specific issues). Once the agenda is published, please let your PGR academic rep know if you’ve any views on the agenda items. 

Will we see any action in response to issues raised? 

Issues raised at the Forum will be followed up (for example at YGRS committees or with relevant service areas) and will be reported on at subsequent meetings. YGRS and the GSA will do all they can to find solutions but please recognise that some things may be difficult to resolve or have multiple solutions, which may not align with your own wishes. Action-focused minutes will be produced for each meeting and these will be made available to all PGRs at York. 

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