Ten is Zen: Counting 10 days of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Through our membership with Vitae, University of York Researchers have free access to this event. As part of our commitment to the Researcher Development Concordat, the YGRS has extended our support for postdocs and early career researchers to take part in 10 days of Professional Development, to our Postgraduate community.

Researchers across the world are typically encouraged to engage in continuing professional development (CPD) activities alongside their own research. For example, one of the key obligations within the principles of the 2019 Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers (‘Researcher Development Concordat’) is to enable researchers to pursue 10 or more days of CPD each year. 

So, what constitutes 10 days of CPD? How can we create a culture of ownership around CPD in which researchers everywhere take responsibility for tailoring their 10 days to suit their goals and needs? How can engagement with (at least) 10 days of CPD be maximised for the benefit of researchers and their careers?

A deeper discussion is needed to help institutions in achieving this goal. In this workshop we will share and learn from different perspectives and experiences around what qualifies as CPD for researchers, and how it can be championed among different competing priorities for both researchers and the sector as a whole.

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