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PhD Myth Busting

The next session in the peer-led ‘How to thrive and survive in your PhD‘ series is on PhD myth busting.

This session on Monday 11 July 2022 will discuss the many misconceptions about undertaking a PhD and aims to ‘set the record straight’ about some myths surrounding the PhD process.

Starting a PhD can be very challenging, especially with various preconceptions on the journey. Current PhD students and postdocs will be invited to share their misconceptions of PhD life, lab work, field work and other research areas. Common myths such as… 

  • “You need to be super smart to do a PhD”
  • “A PhD limits you to one career path”
  • “A PhD is about solving one problem”
  • “You have to sacrifice your personal life to do a good job”
  • “You should already know everything in your field of research before you start”,

will be challenged and discussed in more detail within this session.

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