Using IT at the University of York

We know new postgraduate researchers will be busy over the next few weeks, but there are a few things that you can do to make using IT easier:

  • Get your computer, phone or tablet ready to connect to the University wifi before you leave home – this means that your devices will connect as soon as you get here. Follow the setup instructions.
  • Know where to get help if you have any IT problems: 
  • There’s lots of help and support information available on our website – start with our page specifically for new arrivals: Information for new users
  • Our Skills Guides offer interactive tutorials and guides for a range of applications – start with IT Essentials to learn about IT at York. You can also book a place on our training courses to develop your IT skills
  • Your Departmental Computing Officer (DCO). Most departments have a DCO who’ll be able to support you with various aspects of using IT. Find yours: List of DCOs
  • Stay secure. Your username and password are vital pieces of your University identity. You need to keep them safe. Never share your password, and if anyone else does know it, you should change your password.
  • Find out about High Performance Computing facilities to support your research – no matter what your subject area is. Research Computing
  • Install MS Office 365 free of charge so that you can use MS Office on up to five different devices. The subscription remains valid as long as you are a student at the University of York.
  • Follow IT Support on Twitter for useful information, updates and news about the services that we provide.

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