PGR Forum: contact your academic rep with any issues

The second meeting of the PGR Forum will be on Tuesday 21 February 2023.

The PGR Forum brings together the York Graduate Research School (YGRS), the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) and PGR academic reps, providing an opportunity for:

  • PGRs (via their PGR academic reps) to raise University-level issues with YGRS and the GSA
  • YGRS to keep the PGR community informed of its vision and strategy
  • YGRS and the GSA to listen to the views of PGRs on a range of issues

Get involved

Please contact your PGR academic rep ASAP if there are any areas that you’d like to see discussed at the Forum (this should not include individual PGR cases or departmental-specific issues). Once the agenda is published, please let your PGR academic rep know if you’ve any views on the agenda items. If you’re not sure who your PGR academic rep is then speak to your Graduate Administrator or contact the GSA.

Issues raised at the Forum will be followed up (for example at YGRS committees or with relevant service areas) and will be reported on at subsequent meetings. Action-focused minutes are produced for each meeting and are made available to all PGRs at York.

Find out more about the PGR Forum

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