Working in Research – Careers Panel Events, 24th April 18.00-20.00, Exhibition Centre

Are you interested in using your research skills beyond your PhD, but need more insight into how they can be applied in types of work ? This event is designed to help you gain an insight into a range of research based career opportunities in sectors such as academia, public sector, heritage, media, technology and commercial. Many of the panelists have postgraduate qualifications and will be able to discuss how they apply the skills, knowledge and experience gained from their studies in their work.

This event will feature 2 simultaneous panel Q&A sessions, one featuring panelists whose background is in arts, humanities and social sciences, and another for panelists whose background is in science, technology and engineering. Some of the panelists now work in areas that are not related to the discipline in which they gained their qualifications, so check the panelists for each event and book your place on the panel* that is of most interest to you:

Following the panel Q&A sessions there will be an opportunity to talk informally with panelists from both panels over refreshments.

*Panels may be subject to change

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