Interactive Media at York

Arts and sciences are often thought of at opposite ends of the academic spectrum. Consequently, as both a design and tech enthusiast, this made my degree choice difficult. The Interactive media degree at York allowed me to fuse my background in design and technology together, combining a broad base of visual, media and computing skills, in order to shape the look and functionality of a media product. It was certainly a welcome change to all the other degrees  I had considered – one I am forever glad I followed through with.

York Interactive media lab
The IM lab

One of the experiences I will never forget is when the Immersion department of Sony came to visit, discussing their answer to virtual reality; Project Morpheus. As a technology enthusiast, I was captivated on their explanation of each part of the product and how it allows for a full, immersive feeling. Not only that but they also discussed industries that technology like this will be used in, such as architecture, engineering, medical, and many more. Something I had never considered. Useful for people like me who might want to work outside of the game world, as well as being great starting points for the projects to come. Throughout the past year, the many guest lecturers have constantly delivered eye-opening speeches and fueled my enthusiasm for the technological field.

Year 2 has begun, and like the previous year I can’t wait to meet arising challenges with pleasure and take full advantage of our lab and equipment provided to us. The people around me have a common goal and interests, making the course even more enjoyable and aid my work through the year.

First year group work

Assignments have been set, essays have been handed in and we’re now working on our practical tasks. These projects, implement what we learn during the year in a variety of ways. They involve creating interactive media software, content and products for an array of platforms and uses. This has consistently ensured each student has the freedom to express themselves individually, whilst putting into practice what the class had been taught. Right now, we are working on a media project in which we have to construct and create an experience in an interactive environment. Later on in the year we will be developing products for mobile devices and the web. It is exactly the range of material and the challenges that we face, that makes the course so great.

Practical session in the IM lab

I look forward to every day of university and honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From programming to discussing topics surrounding media technologies, I feel that I’m gaining the skills necessary for a both a happy and prosperous future.

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Hi, my name is James, a tech enthusiast and a second-year Interactive media student at the University of York.