Housing dilemmas!

I remember the second term of first year really well. Gone were the days of feeling like you were on a 10 week summer camp, and welcome to the days of exams, essay writing and the sorting of houses for second year. The days also seemed colder, darker and longer and for some people, the second term of first year is a trying time. I’m not writing this for you to read and dread, but to reassure you that you will be absolutely fine and will look back and laugh!

Looking for student housing in your second term

With regards to looking for housing and deciding who you are going to live with, it can seem like a difficult decision. My advice is; do not rush into anything, York has lots of student houses so there’s a very high chance that something will be available. Choose at least ONE person you know you will get along with no matter what, who you can have a laugh with and somebody who understands your personality traits. It doesn’t matter if the other people you end up living with are not your very best friends, because this can’t always be possible. You’d be amazed at how people change in second year, and there’s no harm in living with people you don’t know as well to build up even more friendships in second year! Not living with all your best friends also gives you a reason to leave your house every once in a while & have relationships outside of a 4 (or however many bedroomed) house!

And not forgetting Social Work…

With regards to Social Work in your second term, the law exam takes place and you apply for your first ever placement! When I was applying for my first placement I didn’t have a specific area that I wanted to specialise in, and in some ways this is a better way to be for your first placement as then there is a higher chance (though not a guaranteed chance) that your final placement will be in the sector that you want to graduate into. Be open to all the placement options available to you, and be willing to give anything a go – you will most likely end up loving whatever placement you get and learn a lot.

I’d also recommend joining a society, or the gym or the sports village during your second term, if you haven’t done so already. This is something I didn’t do and I regret it as its good to get out of the flat, meet new people and de-stress!

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