Best Apps for University of York (as rated by me)

Apps can change your life at uni, freeing time and actually reminding you to do things (which seems to be my problem). I’m writing this as an Apple user, but I’m pretty sure most of these apps are available on Android and Windows. I’m going to rate them on the impact they have on my university life and how often I use them.

YoYo Wallet – YoYo is a great app for on campus. It allows you to use your debit/credit card on your phone. All York Uni’s campus bars and café’s use this instead of a card machine so it’s worth getting. While you use it to buy food and drink when working hard in the library, you will rack up rewards such as free hot drinks, meal deals and even nachos from Courtyard! The other day I got a free Cherry Pepsi through one of the YoYo offers. I would recommend this 10/10 – needed for Uni Life.

Blackboard – This app is a mobile version of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Yorkshare (which is where all your work is posted). So its great to be able to access your readings/questions on the move. I don’t really use the app because when I sit down to do my readings, I like to use my computer but its good for checking out and about. I would recommend this 6/10.

Google Calendar – To keep you on schedule Google Calendar lets you know when and where all your lectures, seminars and workshops are without having to log into e-vision. Some university clubs and college committees schedule their events in google calendar too so its even easier to be on time. I would recommend this 7/10.

OneNote – OneNote is a note taking app, ideal for lectures. You can annotate PDF’s which is great for seminar readings to make sure you remember page numbers, it saves on printer ink and you know your notes are safely backed up. I would recommend this 8/10.

Gmail – Gmail will become your friend due to the account your receive upon joining the University. This is the way the department and pretty much everyone in University communicates with you so I think it is important to have that on your phone. I don’t need to explain how important emails are but basically I think you can’t survive at university without emails coming through to your phone so I would recommend this 11/10.

Google Drive – This app can give you access to all your uni material. Its great for backing things up so you know its safe and easily accessible on anything with a web browser, so if you need to work in the library but left your laptop at home you can still finish your essay. Also Google drive allows you to share and edit work with other people which makes it a great service for group work. I would recommend this 8/10.

2Do – 2Do does exactly what it says on the tin, a reminder app that helps you keep on top of everything. It allows you to make loads of different lists and have short and long term goals. Its expensive right now but keep an eye out for the deals. I only give it 5/10 because you can make lists on paper or other pieces of software instead.

SafeZone – The app is part of an amazing service. I have never felt unsafe in York or on campus but this app is great to have just in case. It gives you added protection as you can call for campus security, first aid or emergency help. It has been promoted by the university and I think its a great idea to help you feel safe when you are on you own. For more information see the website. I would recommend this 6/10 as I have never needed it.

Streamline Taxi app – Having the Streamline taxi app means its easier to get a taxi whether that be at midday from uni or midnight in Kuda. Be sure to ask for student discount when you reach the destination for 10% off the fare. The app lets you track where the taxi is so you don’t have to stand outside in the Yorkshire cold. I would recommend this 8/10.

Unidays – This app lets you know the best offers for students around. There isn’t much more to say about saving money just for being a student! I would score this as a 9/10.