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Overall, this past term has been yet another success for the IM students at York. We have learnt many new skills through both personal and group projects. Nevertheless, with the end of the academic year approaching, it’s safe to say that Easter is a welcome break.


Computer Science building
Computer Science building

Now that many of us have a little free time on their hands, I thought I’d write about some recent experiences of paid work on campus. With firms such as IBM on our campus and career fairs attended by over 140 recruiters, it’s clear to see the advantages we have as York students. In fact, we are given opportunities to apply for relevant work/internships throughout the term. Furthermore, The Catalyst is another on-campus site offering plenty of paid holiday and term time work for IM students. In fact, I myself have both developed my programming skills and grown my CV as a consequence, all whilst earning some money for the term ahead.


The Catalyst
The Catalyst

Initially, I began by applying to complete a job for an on-campus company ‘BahGum’. Once I had completed the job of designing the app icon and general logo for the company, I was paid well and was content with my work. It didn’t stop there. My work was received with such great feedback, that I am now proud to say that I’m developing the front-end of their new website. An experience that I’d only dream of having at this point in my university career. I’m confident that the bright minds and companies working all around our campus, complement our studies by providing unique opportunities for each of us. A privilege that most universities do not receive.


I would certainly recommend that current students look out on campus, and take what they can whilst they’re still at York. It’s a perfect end to the term and a great start for a future career.

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