Is it really the end of term?

Clockwise from top left: Massive pancake with bacon and eggs cooked into it with maple syrup plus a huge side of nachos with all the sauce and cheese, blackboard with stick figure caricatures of us all, us at mini golf, and earl-onset-diabetes-in-a-mug luxury hot chocolate, with half a mug of marhsmallows, bits of cookie and caramel sauce on whipped cream!

I’m sat in the library writing this after a very fulfilling and busy second half of term. Work has been going well and everything that was due at the end of this term has been submitted and I’m now looking forward to writing my report for my mini-project. I thought I deserved a holiday to reward my hard work, so I said yes to a spending a housemate’s 21st birthday party at Center Parcs for a few days! It involved a large amount of calories in both food and luxury hot chocolate as well as copious amounts of partying. In the day, we played mini golf – where I came in last place! I 100% deserved this, I absolutely sucked. We also went canoeing, played badminton and did lots of swimming. I also had to run for the taxi back home which resulted in a small spillage of milk in my bag… which of course resulted in all of my stuff being a bit damp!

Seasonal special for Spring: white pizza with roasted garlic, peppers, tenderstem broccoli and of course, lots of meat. Delicious! They’ve taken it off the menu now unfortunately guys 🙁

This term also saw me branching out in food tastes – with increased volume training comes increased calorific intake, something which I’ve taken to literally mean fill myself with as much chicken and as much dirty carbohydrate as possible, seen here with a massive Rustica pizza from Zizzi’s for a friend’s 21st which was delicious. I also shared the Antipasti, this was also delicious. Meats, cheese, olives and sun dried tomatoes? What’s not to like!? Tip for life: learn to love olives, because nobody else seems to except me! I had 10 last time! I won’t lie, this meal actually filled me. There’s been a few times when I’ve had a meal and then come home to have second dinner, don’t tell anyone, I think I might be a hobbit. Explains my height too.

Coming home to York! :)
Coming home to York! 🙂

I also had three interviews over this time – one in Cardiff, one in Macclesfield and the last in Cambridge. The interviews themselves went okay but the train journeys were a complete disaster! My first journey to Cardiff took 5 hours just to get there with three changes and when I got to the last station at noon (interview at 1, loads of time to spare) I went outside to grab a taxi… Not a single one in sight. I was already wired and nervous, so I just started walking in the direction of the company. Five miles with just under one hour!? I got about half a mile in and decided it’d be wise to call them and let them know I might be a bit late and that I’d had to walk. They were fine with this, so I continued walking… My phone rang ten minutes later – ‘where are you? We will send someone to come and get you.’ I was absolutely mortified, I couldn’t believe it. One of the employees even made a joke about it when I got there arghghghghh. My second experience was getting the train to Macclesfield and it was delayed by half an hour and my third was my connecting train to Cambridge from Peterborough was just outright cancelled! I had to chill for an hour and get a different train to Ely. Luckily, I found another York chemist at this time (who was going to the same interview out of chance!) and we chilled together and kept each other company. Really typical of my luck!

The first two companies, though they were impressed by me, chose not to pursue me in the selection process. I still have to hear from the last lot – if I’m unsuccessful again, I’m staying in York!! FINALLY, I’ve made a decision about my future! This is genuinely a celebration-worthy event. I might even treat myself to one of York’s many takeaways! My all-time favourite has to be Bamboo Thai on the corner of Lawrence Street. I wouldn’t go so far to call myself a connoisseur of takeaways but boy do those guys do the best takeaway I’ve ever had in my entire life. No exaggeration. I invariably get the same dish as well – Thai green curry noodle box. It’s fabulous and full of an obscene amount of beef and a vegetable medley including carrot, broccoli, green beans and aubergines and of course the eponymous noodles. 

Are you sensing a them here? I love pancakes!!!
Are you sensing a theme here? I love pancakes!!!

On a different note, the man enjoyed his breakfast (but we do still have to go see Deadpool!). We both got the same meal, pancakes with bacon, blueberries and maple syrup. He got the iced cappuccino and I got the hot chocolate. Having lived in Canada for three years, it makes me so happy to find maple syrup and for a shop to actively sell it with thick pancakes and bacon – a dream come true. To have two servings in the same month is a blessing! I’m thinking of going back for a visit after uni – I miss the food a lot and it’d be good to see some friends again.

Looking forwards, I’m guessing all students are now looking towards this holiday as a revision period. Don’t forget to have some time off! Don’t work yourselves into the ground!!! That being said, I also have some work to do; one of my modules this time round was entirely physical chemistry, which I find less intuitive than the organic stuff! Wish me luck!

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Third year chemist at the University of York originally from Taunton, Somerset. Keen powerlifter. Looking forwards to my fourth year doing my MChem. I am a huge fan of really obscure teas and I love sitting in cafes and watching the world go round. I also really love cooking and consuming vast quantities of food.