Easter Break and the Summer Term

Hello all!

I hope that you’ve all had an enjoyable Easter break. Well, ‘hope’ is rather wishful thinking for this time of the year. As someone said to me recently, Easter is probably the least enjoyable holiday with all the approaching exams and deadlines. If you’re anything like I was two years ago, then you’re probably very nervous.

After a more relaxed end of term after two procedural essays (practice essays that don’t count, but allow you to get feedback on your work and knowledge) and an enjoyable (read: painful for the next few days) 21st with my friends from York, I’ve had a relaxing Easter to prepare for the post break rush. Whilst I only have three exams this term, I also have two individual projects to complete when I get back. So, despite what it sounds like and what my parents probably think, I haven’t just been sat doing nothing and catching up with my home friends, I’ve had to start planning ahead for what will come after the break. Unfortunately, it is true that you will always, at the very least, have work to consider over the breaks.

Of course, as I’m preparing to go into third year, I’ve had to begin planning the initial outline and proposal for my dissertation. This time next year, probably pumped up on dubious amounts of caffeine, I will be preparing to hand in something that I have chosen to study based around my own specific personal interests. I will also be getting ready for the post-undergraduate world – time does fly when you’re at university. I’ve also had my module choices back for next year. Luckily I’ve managed to get my two first choices: Popular Politics in Britain since 1945 as my special subject, and Empires for my Comparative History module. With these being interests of mine, (I am fun, no matter what you may think…), I am genuinely looking forward to studying them.

Though exams are grim, summer in York isn’t!

You’ve either confirmed your university choices, or are about to do so shortly. Trust me, all of us know how difficult it is choosing a university, especially if you’re far away from home. Of course, I’m heavily biased about York, but I can promise you, with no lie, that it is the best decision I’ve made in my life. However, choosing the right university is crucial. There’s no point studying for a degree somewhere if you don’t think you’ll enjoy the university. Hopefully, me, the other bloggers and other students you may have spoken to, have told you why we love York!

For those who are firming York (:D) you’ll shortly get the chance to apply for accommodation. Luckily, the system has changed from when I enrolled two years ago when we could only apply for accommodation after our results, and you now have a much longer time to consider your options. As I have said before, it doesn’t matter what college you chose. Unlike other collegiate universities, you’re not limited to a college by a course. I know I’ve said it time and time before, but it always seems to be a worry for people who talk to me on open days. As always, if you have any questions, then please do ask me!

Vanbrugh Donald Barron C/210: my home for first year in a rare moment where it was clean.
Vanbrugh Donald Barron C/210: my home for first year in a rare moment where it was clean.
Vanbrugh Donald Barron C
Vanbrugh Donald Barron C

The next two months or so will be intense for you. It’s completely fine to be nervous. Though I wouldn’t say university is easier in terms of work load, the fact that you are studying something that you have an interest in definitely helps. It’s also a completely different style of learning from what you’re probably doing at the moment, and although it’s different and feels challenging at first, it becomes easier and even enjoyable.

I’ll do my absolute best to post another blog soon before your exams, but, let me just say good luck with your revision! It isn’t fun, but no matter what you may think, you can do it! And trust me, you’ll have a nice long summer to enjoy, even if it is doing nothing (always a good option).

All the best!

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