Alternative nights to clubbing

Being a third year student, I’ve grown a little tired of student nights. I can’t deny that I have had many a great time in Salvo but if your bored of the same nights every week, or clubbing just isn’t your thing then you’ll be easily seduced by York’s bustling music scene. From funk and soul, jazz, disco, and electro York offers something for everyone.


If you want ambience, then look no further. Nestled in a basement along Little Stonegate, Sotano is a hidden gem. Think craft beer, carefully selected wines and an extensive range of gins- you couldn’t be further from a Jager bomb if you tried! For those of you with talent, Ruby Tuesdays boasts a line up of high quality musicians showcasing the the talent of the North. If you fancy a midweek boogie you can expect feel good funk and seductive soul with late night tunes from Brunswick. Winding down the weekend is Sotano’s late night Jazz session perfect when accompanied by great wine and some tapas.


A cafe/bar you’ll find both freshly ground coffee, locally sourced beer and hand-crafted cocktails. Kicking off the week, is the talented Simon Bolley, showcasing his guitar skills and soulful vocals. Contributing to York’s varied music scene Animaux Aperitif promises a unique blend of deep techno, underground house as well as disco and funk accompanied by memorable visuals. If in search of a lazy Sunday you can forget the countdown to Monday morning by loosing yourself in the Heart of Wax Vinyl session and take the opportunity to add to your collection at the same time.


Texture is not a venue but an event night. Following an event rather than a venue provides you with a community of friendly and familiar people that go out for the same things, namely good times and even better music. It is a great way to meet like minded people, and potentially great friends. Texture’s music policy varies from soulful and funky to pumping or dark so although your following a night, you will not get bored. Texture events has welcomed the likes of Rush Hour’s Hunee, R&S favourite LONE & Tusk from Tusk Wax, you’ll find Texture in the most current underground bars with great ambiance.


This independent night is the clever invention of ex-York University students looking to fill a gap in the market. If your a lover of clubs but grow tired of repetitive and uninspiring chart music Get On Up is your kind of night. Championing fist-class disco, funk and soul music ranging from untouched absolute classics to tracks with an experimental and contemporary spin, Get On Up attracts a large crowd all ready to get sweaty and bust out some crazy dance moves. Keep your eye for the onslaught of posters around campus to ensure you don’t miss out.

This guest post was written by Hope, a third year law student at York. She loves finding the best places to eat and drink, exploring new cities and listening to live music.

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