First Things First

Hey Reader!

I’m Sophie-Jayne, a second year Electronic Engineering student who in her spare times loves to sing along to musicals and drink a lot of tea. Tea is a very important part of my life 🙂 .

For my first blog post I thought I’d start with 10 things about me, and maybe we could start a conversation in the comments with you telling me some facts about you too.

#1 Electronics

To start with, Electronics is one of the heavier courses that you can study at York, in terms of contact hours and material covered. In my first year I learnt so many new things and expanded on my existing knowledge. Now in my second year, I am finding it very interesting how the skills that I learnt and developed last year are being broadened and applied.

Look out onto the lake on Campus West from the Electronics Department
Looking out onto the lake on Campus West from the Electronics Department

#2 Home Sweet Home

I originally come from the Midlands, where I live on a farm with my family. We have some sheep, make hay in the summer, and spend too much time moving soil with dumper trucks. I love being at home in the holidays, surrounded by family and friends who I have grown up with. While in York they are there to offer support over the miracle of FaceTime!

#3 Musicals

I am a BIG musical theatre fan. When deadlines are approaching, or I’m missing home, watching a musical is a sure fire way to cheer me up and give me some motivation. One of the best things about York is not only that we have the theatre in town that lots of touring productions come to, but we have Central Hall Musical Society who put on incredible productions right on campus!

One of my favourite musicals - Les Miserables
One of my favourite musicals – Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in London.

#4 Can’t stop!

Yes it’s true, I am one of those people who never quite seem to stop moving and working. Granted some days are more productive than others, but it really does seem worth it when I finally prove a maths theorem or conquer a challenging aspect of a lab.

#5 Food

I am a huge foodie but I haven’t always been. I was very picky as a child but now realise just how amazing food can be! Whenever I go out I always try to order something different. Before I decided I wanted to pursue Electronic Engineering I wanted to be chef, but decided against it as I just ended up eating all the food.


#6 Fangirl

Start talking to me about Sherlock, Doctor Who, or Harry Potter and we will probably be talking for a long time. When I do switch off from work, I love to go to a series that I know will be able to distract me and allow me to relax.

#7 Disney

There is not much that can beat sitting on the sofa with my housemates, a cup of tea, and watching a Disney movie. They always cheer me up, I just have to remember that there always seems to be that sad part where there is no hope… until finally they live happily ever after. I am very much a romantic!

Mickey Mouse and I are the best of friends!
Mickey Mouse and I are the best of friends!

#8 Nights in and journalling

After some long working weeks, all I really like to do is sit on the sofa and have a good chat with either family, friends at uni or from home. I like to write down how the weeks go at university so that I have something to look back on as, just like at school, time really does fly when you are having fun.

#9 Radio times

This is a relatively new one for me but I co-present a radio show on URY (University Radio York) with two of my course mates, called Grumpy Youngish Men. It’s so much fun to try something I have never done before, and is making me think about having a show of my own playing my style of music in the form of musicals and Disney, thoughts?

Grumpy Youngish Men
Grumpy Youngish Men and I!

#10 Sleep

I’m a bit like a cat in the fact that I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere if I want to. It can be in a chair, putting my head on a table, or once standing up against a wall while waiting for my friend. I was tired and I felt very refreshed afterwards 😀

I’m thinking for my next post about doing a day in the life where I document an average day so if you like that idea, please let me know in the comments.

See you soon


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Second Year BEng Electronic Engineering Student. Originally from the Midlands but now becoming a proper Northerner! Avid tea drinker, book reader and Disney lover!