A Look at Life at York

So last week I got an email asking me to include more details about Computer Science at York and so I thought I’d try my hand at making a ‘Day in the Life’ video. It might be terrible, it might be great but its essentially me carrying a camera around all day.

Enjoy (or not?).

For a bit more information, I’ve attached my timetable for Week 2 of Spring term for my second year (I filmed this on the Tuesday).  Although it was first year, last year had a similar number of contact hours.


One of the things I love about York is that we get 50/50 time in lectures and labs, as well as the software labs being open 24/7 to students and the hardware labs 9-6 on weekdays, which allows learners like me to see the theory we learn in lectures in practice. The timetabled labs at York are a mix of both software and hardware, but once you get to second year you get to decide more for yourself which side you’d like to focus on. Personally I’m much more of a hardware girl so I chose to take EMPR this year, which a group hardware project coded in C. It’s definitely been my favourite part of this year and I look forward to taking more hardware modules in my final year.

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I'm a second year Computer Science student originally from way down south in Hemel Hempstead. When I'm not spending hours trying to figure out where the missing semi-colon is, I enjoy running, baking and travelling as much as I can on a student budget (15 countries and counting!)