Having Erasmus Flatmates

While typically the purpose of Erasmus is to discover and experience a culture different from yours, in my case it has been even more than that. Obviously there is a majority of British students on my course and I’ve also met others outside of it, but having other Erasmus students as flatmates has given me the opportunity to discover more than just one way of living. 

With 6 Germans, 2 Italians and 2 other French girls, there is plenty to learn, being all from different regions, and in the case of some from the same country, speaking different dialects. The Erasmus community is one that is very welcoming and inclusive, and I feel very lucky to have been placed with them.

Indeed, as Erasmus students and therefore being aware that our time abroad is limited, we are determined to live and enjoy to the fullest our 6 or 12 months abroad. This also leads to a lot of fun trying to understand what the others are saying sometimes, leading to some frankly ridiculous mimes and convoluted descriptions.

Learning “survival sentences” in another language has also been a laugh, and will come in handy when we all visit each other after our Erasmus experience at York.  

Let’s also not forget about the culinary perks, everyone wanting to introduce the others to their region or hometown, or even country’s special dishes. We have created the “International Sunday Dinner”, which is a chance for us to cook together on Sunday nights before sitting together at the table. 

Pasta al forno
Pasta al forno

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Hi! I study Linguistics and English here at York as an Erasmus student from France. I love reading, History, and eating chocolate cookies.