Annual Leave as a Student Midwife…


I’ve got 3 weeks off!! Well 2 weeks annual leave, and 1 reading week. I’ve literally spent the whole time catching up with family, and catching up with sleep- something which Coco is very happy about, she must be the laziest dog in the world!! (challenges welcome)..

Sleepy Coco!!

Recently, me and a few of my uni friends have signed up to do a skydive!! Madness, I know. For those of you that know, I’m part of the Uni of York Midwifery Society (MidSoc).. we work very closely with the amazing charity 4Louis who provide amazing memory boxes and so much more for families who experience a still birth, or neonatal/ child death. Their work is inspirational, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to skydive, so why not! Beware this is not an attempt to avoid my next exam (LOL)…

We’ve received some great support from the students here at York and we continue to work together so well across all 3 years, the relationship between the different year groups seems to be growing stronger, we are striving to organise  more events to get to know each other.

The Annual leave seems to be well placed to me, I enjoy working hard for a few months at a time, although I get stressed and sometimes it feels as if the end is so far, but reflecting whilst I’m off, makes me realise how far I’ve come and I am so proud of my achievements. I’m now ready for April, to start my second placement of Second year, and welcome in a hopefully sunny Summer 2017!!

New to York?? Have an Offer?? Don’t forget to like our MidSoc on facebook!! be sure to get involved in our events and we can’t wait to meet you in September!! xxxx

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I am a 2nd year Midwifery Student. I previously worked in Business and Admin and in a pub for 5 years! I studied Performing Arts at college and pursued my Midwifery career back in 2014 by studying an Access to HE and volunteering as a Doula! I enjoy spending time with my Fiancé and my very cheeky Chihuahua Coco!

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