Jobs and nursing…

I’ve started looking at jobs.

Yes, I know I’m about to finish my second year and it’s a tiny bit early but as previously mentioned – nursing is a big wide world. Even in Learning Disability.

What about a Community role? Being welcomed into people’s homes and lives to benefit, adjust, promote health and wellbeing, whilst taking a person centred and holistic view of the situation? Pros – 9 till 5 working hours.

Cons – Lots of driving and computer time.

What about a job in forensic care? Most likely a hospital setting, the role involves helping rehabilitate those with offending history and giving them the tools to move on to a more positive life.

Pros – Exciting!

Cons – May come across some challenging behaviour.

What about a role in neuro rehabilitation? This would involve working with a mixture of physiological and mental health issues.

Pros – Rewarding role of assisting with mental and physical health in order to give the individual as much independence as possible following injury.

Cons – Night shifts. Honestly cannot think of anything else. After working in this area for three years already I still love it.

Maybe I should do a Master’s degree next?

Pros – I like education, would make it easier to apply for higher roles in the future.

Cons – Expensive and another year not working as a nurse (unless I do it part time, there are lots of options).

I’m also looking at careers within an assessment and treatment unit. This would involve helping those in times of crisis, such as the onset of dementia, psychosis or breakdown of a placement and helping them return, or improve, the lifestyle of the individual before the event.

Pros – Helping people progress and supporting them through a difficult patch. This would involve problem solving and improving patient experience.

Cons – I’ve never worked in this setting, so I’m not sure.

Job satisfaction goes with all those roles, it goes without saying.

As a nurse in the second year the world of work still feels like a far off destination of hope and a little fear (which is normal, it’s intimidating to be in charge of people’s care. If you weren’t a little nervous, I’m nervous for you). The doors ahead of you are all open, from working in the UK or abroad, hospitals, communities, respite care, assessment and treatment, acute services, liaison services, schools, festivals, universities, research… The list is endless.

For now, I’m going to keep researching roles with a mixture of hope and anticipation of entering my final year. My dissertation (a service improvement project) is still looming in the future but at least, the future is bright for myself and my fellow nurses.

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Hi! My name is Hannah and I'm a second year learning disability student nurse at the University of York. I'm 26 years old and have a degree from the University of South Wales in Psychology. I've lived in York for 3 years now. I have worked in healthcare since graduating in 2012, mostly in learning disability and mental health. In my spare time I like watching and playing rugby, running, baking and reading. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the blog!

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