Studying Law (Senior Status) as an international student

I came to the York Law School as I wished to gain international experience alongside studying my passion for law. Thus far, I have made an array of professional networks and friends through the various on-campus commitments that I have been – and continue to be – involved in.

What I enjoy most about York Law School is the supportive nature that the instructors create for students. As I am an international student, right from day one, we were put into contact with the upper year international students, who heartily welcomed us to York. On top of this, through the guidance and ongoing support of Jenny Gibbons, it has been a wonderful experience of learning the English legal system, and remaining engaged in university life.

In addition to the supportive nature that the law school demonstrates, the employability tutor, Chris Wilkinson, has been a great resource with applications and CV-building. As most law students aim to get internships, also known as vacation schemes, as well as training contracts (a 2-year internship upon graduating), Chris Wilkinson continues to host employability events that help students in applying for these placements. In additional to attending these events if my schedule permits, on a personal note, Mr. Wilkinson has provided me with assistance with regards to CV-reviewing and one-to-one application advice.

During my first degree at McMaster University in Canada, I did not have the chance to become active in on-campus life. In light of this, I have continued to remain involved in both law and non-law activities. I am the Treasurer of the University of York Law Society, Secretary on the British-Asian Society, as well as a Student Ambassador for the university and an International Student Ambassador for the law school. Each of these activities have given me countless opportunities to meet individuals from all parts of the world, and learn from their experiences and cultures – things that can not be taught in a classroom!

I have no been at York for nearly two years, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Throughout my role as an international ambassador for the Law School, I am often put into contact with students who have accepted an offer to study law at York. To talk about the excellent reputation of the law department and the caring guidance that the staff provides to the students gives me an immense sense of pride to be studying law in the United Kingdom.

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