A week in the life of an English Literature Student

When I was applying to University, one of my biggest questions was, what is it like? Back then, I had no idea of all the amazing and incredibly fun things I would be able to do on a weekly basis. Which is why, for this blog, I am going to be writing about ‘A week in the life of an English Literature Student’. This is a typical week for me, but with a few extra things which don’t always happen, but were worthy of a mention. I hope this snap-shot of my life at York will help demystify some of the things about University, as well as get you excited to go!

It’s the start of the week, and I begin to realise more and more that I am not a morning person… However, I struggle through and go to my Tutor’s office hour, which is when I can go and discuss my essay ideas outside of seminars and workshops. Office hours always help me to get focused and motivated to do an essay, and the tutors are always up for a good chat about your work, their research or just anything really! After that I go and record a feature for University Radio York (URY), this one is based on Superheroes and the film industry. Mondays are a pretty radio intensive day as I also have committee meetings in the afternoon, where we just have a bit of a catch-up. After the meeting, I went to the cinema with a group of friends to see a film I would be reviewing later in the week on my radio show, Screen (URY’s film review show). I then go and collapse on my bed and get ready for the next day.

Cinema trip to a very old cinema


It’s another early morning (why do I do this to myself?).  Today, I have a Student Ambassador Shift, where I do campus tours and meet lots of potential applicants.  It’s one of the many paid jobs on campus, and it is actually really fun!  In the afternoon, I have a few lectures, including one on Modern American Literature, which will prepare me for my seminar later in the week.  After my lectures, I go home, make food and just have a chill evening with my housemates.  We usually watch a film or play games, but we try and do something relaxing.  I will also probably have lot’s of reading to do, so I will try and do something productive.


On Wednesdays I have my Old Norse seminar.  As I am in York, a city rich with Viking history, I was so excited by the opportunity to study Viking literature, as well as learn the language.  In the afternoon, I have a debating training session and committee meeting.  After which, most of us go to a campus bar and have a catch-up for a while.  Occasionally, I will go to the York Comedy Society shows, which take place every week and are incredibly funny.


We know how to relax in our house!

Thursdays are a pretty busy day for me.  I start with a (very early) workshop on Critical Questions which is all about applying literary theory and analysing key questions in literature.  I then have a two-hour break in which I usually go to the library and try and do some work.  I then have another seminar, which is based on the American Literature lecture I had early in the week.  In these seminars, we discuss our ideas about set texts and this is where I usually generate my essay topics.  I then have my radio show Screen at 6pm, which is usually the highlight of my week!


The last Uni day has arrived, and I am probably very excited for the weekend.  This term, I have Friday’s off, which is great because I can make a start on all of my work and assignments, such as writing this blog!  There’s usually one-off things that happen today, whether that be a party, a radio thing or just going to meet up with friends.  I short, I tend to give myself a lot to do on a Friday to properly tire myself out for the weekend.


It’s the weekend!  And I take full advantage of my day off to have a sleep in.  I then get started on some work before going on another radio show, Stage (a theatre review show).  Based on the recommendations from that, I might go and see some of the plays being performed in York or in the University in the evening.

We may not be ready for Bake-off yet, but my house’s home-made Birthday cakes are getting better and better!


The last day of the week, in which I probably meet up with friends and go Shambling (our term for walking around the shambles and walls in York).  York has so much to offer and there are so many things you can do here.

And there it is.  A week in the life of an English student.  Some weeks I may have more work to do (I didn’t think it would be interesting to write about a week where I revised for an upcoming exam), but there is always an opportunity to relax and have fun!  I hope this helped give you an insight into what life at University is like.  Everyone has a different experience but get involved in University life and you will have an amazing time.

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Hi, I'm Beth, and I'm currently in my 3rd Year of English and Related Literature. I'm also heavily involved with URY (Student Radio in York), and host my own weekly film review show, Screen. As an English student you probably guessed I love reading, but I also love playing the piano and drawing (mostly doodles if I'm honest).

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