Behind the scenes filming at TFTV

And action!

As part of our postgraduate degrees, we were set a group task to create a short film revolving around an action sequence. We decided on a film-noir type short about a former convict detailing a botched prison escape.

This was our second of three days of shooting and also the most exciting since we were going to film an action sequence. As the designated dialogue editor and Foley artist of the group, I wasn’t actually needed on set but accompanied the shoot as a runner and behind-the-scenes photographer.

Our main challenge was the weather. We started early in the morning with snowfall that eventually turned to rain before the clouds lifted. Keeping the equipment safe and secure was our primary concern so we had to be extra careful. However, the weather conditions added a lot to the dramatic look of the finished product.

A big shout-out to the actors who all braved the weather, slipping in and out of their coats between takes. The next day of shooting was fortunately a bit warmer as we were working with a green screen at the TFTV building on campus.

The project collaborated between three separate postgraduate programmes at TFTV: MA Postproduction with Sound Design, MA Postproduction with Visual Effects and the MA Digital Film & Television Production course.