Clearing: My Journey

My story with Clearing began when I attended a graduation here at the University of York. I was blown away by how beautiful the university was and at the friendliness of the people. Prior to this, I was a student at another university. However, I knew as soon as I came to York that this was the place I wanted to study. This was the start of my Clearing journey. I began by looking online at the list of courses that York had on offer in Clearing. I found a course that sounded perfect and so I sent my application off.

Firstly, my top tip is to not panic, which is easier said than done, I know!

Each year there are lots of courses that are in clearing so don’t panic about not being able to find one that suits you straightaway. When I changed universities, I opted to study something completely different. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. Of course, I appreciate that you may not want to study something different to your initial choice. However, I urge you to try to be open-minded.

Clearing is your opportunity to branch out and look for courses that you may enjoy but you may not have initially applied for.

Secondly, keeping a positive mindset throughout this tough process is paramount.

Although the clearing process is stressful, and something that you may not have anticipated facing, things will work out for the best.

Gaining my place at the University of York was never something I imagined happening but I’ve had the most successful first year here. I’m really looking forward to my next two years studying at such a fantastic university. This is never something I would have imagined happening had I not gained my place through Clearing.

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Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm an Education student and a member of Langwith College.