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Hidden Gems in the City of York

If there’s anything that stands out to me about York in comparison to other cities, it’s the abundance of independent, quirky places to shop, eat and drink. It’s very easy to stick with what you know sometimes and just visit the usual chains that you’re familiar with. But you’d be missing out if you didn’t experience the unique places that York has to offer.

Independent coffee houses

Gulp & Graze brunch

As a student, you may find your need for a caffeine fix inexplicably heightened. Not to worry – independent coffee houses are scattered everywhere. I’ve narrowed down the list to some of the best:

The must-tries include The Perky Peacock and Gatehouse Coffee. Situated within the actual city walls, these cosy spots provide a unique setting with very reasonable prices. Alternatively, more modernised, instagram-oriented brunch spots include Gulp & GrazeBrew & Brownie and Spring Espresso.

Lunch at Brew & Brownie

Unfortunately, the secret is out about these and they can get quite busy. So I’d recommend visiting on a weekday. The fact that the majority of the reviews are 5* kind of speaks for itself.

Fossgate, in general, is crammed with a lot of gems and definitely somewhere you need to visit. It can be a hub of activity in the summer months. I’d recommend trying The Hop which is known for its stone-baked pizzas (2 pizzas and a bottle of wine for under £20 on Mondays!) Plus Fossgate Social, which is an absolute go-to for a lot of students. There’s so much more to explore just on this street but these are a good place to start. It’s also conveniently just around the corner from the Merchantgate bus stop, where the 66 and 66a buses take you back to uni.

A walk down the river

The view from Millennium Bridge

Annoyingly, it took me almost to the end of my first year, and this wonderful heatwave, to discover the fab walks along the River Ouse. A kind of hidden-in-plain-sight gem really. A good loop which takes about 45 minutes at a wandering pace, is from the city centre to Millennium Bridge and back.

The bridge itself has built-in benches the whole way across. This makes for a great photo spot or somewhere to relax on a hot day. The ice cream boat that docks there (yep, that’s a thing in York) is far too cute to resist. This is also a great route for a run and you can easily make it longer with a few little detours through the holiday parks alongside the river banks.

Conveniently, there is a path starting next to the bridge that leads, through Fulford, back to uni, if you fancy that walk instead.

This is a good opportunity to give a nod to the York Solar System cycle route, sign-posted from Millennium Bridge, which inspired the AstroSoc to do the same across campus. The cycle route follows a scale model of the planets which stretches for 6.4 miles. It’s a good bike ride if that’s your thing.

Historical York

York is, understandably, very popular among history students and enthusiasts – it’s crammed with listed buildings. It’s actually home to the oldest working convent in England, called ‘The Bar Convent‘ which I only found out recently. It’s just down from the train station so the perfect location. And they actually provide accommodation and have an award-winning cafe, open to the public. Worth a visit when the family come to stay, for something a bit different.

It’d be blasphemous not to mention The Shambles. Although it’s apparently not particularly hidden, I can literally never find it without the help of Google Maps, despite having visited York so many times growing up! This infamous street said to be the inspo for Diagon Alley, is the most visited street in Europe. It’s now home to The Shop That Must Not Be Named, which has the most extensive selection of Harry Potter paraphernalia I have ever seen. It’s wonderful. You could spend a whole day just mooching in the weird and wonderful shops on this street. Have a nosey at the street food stalls that are part of the Shambles Market Food Court while you’re there.

It’s a great place to bring friends and family when they come to see you at uni because it’s just so unique. You can also get a picture with the street sign for Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate round the corner, which is an inevitable crowd-pleaser too.

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Hi, I’m Tara, a 2nd Year Psychology student and I’m in Alcuin College. People have this idea that you shouldn’t go to uni too close to home, but I chose York because it’s such a cosy city, and has the bonus of being close to where I live.

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