A Student Guide to the City of York

Congratulations! You’re thinking about living in York, one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the country. The cobbled roads and winding streets often serve to create a cloud of confusion for the uninitiated student. Fortunately, this fool-proof student guide to York will help you get the most out of the shining gem of the North.


Pubs and Bars

For students who are partial to a drink, the rumour that York has enough pubs for every day of the year is not unfounded. It’s hard to take five steps without stumbling upon a quaint alehouse, or haunted inn (yes, really). I’m not suggesting that you should take it upon yourself to visit all the 365 pubs in one potentially ill-fated bar crawl, but they’re mostly all worth a visit!

York is also home to a variety of bars, including the world record-breaking Evil Eye cocktail bar and gin shop (selling 1,028 gins!), and the old reliables Slug and Lettuce, Turtle Bay, etc. Keep an eye out for the happy hours, you won’t regret it… at least not until the next morning.

A Proper Brew

Goji Cafe
Goji Vegetarian Cafe and Deli

Most student cities are plagued with overpriced and overrated chain coffee shops. York does have a few of these, but if you love hot drinks and a good toastie, this city also plays host to heaps of independent and good value cafes. For tasty cakes and baked treats, try Brew and Brownie at either of their locations on Museum Street. If you’re veggie/vegan, Goji is a goldmine of plant-based lunches and drinks. A stroll down Fossgate will reveal a variety of gems such as Cosy Times and Fossgate Social, both lovely places to stop for a reasonably priced lunch away from campus.

Self Care is Key

After a few weeks living in York, things might start to get a little overwhelming. Luckily, there are so many lovely places in the city that can help calm you down and get you back to your regular self again.

For a fresh haircut, you’re in luck- York has an abundance of barbers and hair salons that offer student discount and first-time offers for top-notch trims. There’s a wealth of bath and shower pampering shops, including a Lush, a Bodyshop and a Yorkshire Soap Co.- the latter only exists in select locations in Yorkshire. As a stressed student, nothing lifts my mood more than a proper pamper night.

Life Hacks and Cheap Essentials

I want to let you in on a secret that will save you money and stress. Behind the Minster, there is an absolute gem of a street called ‘Goodramgate’. There you can find Boyes, which is a staple of the bargain-lover. Though the clientele may seem slightly above your age range, Boyes can offer you a myriad of things you didn’t know you needed for a good price (for £4 you can dye your hair a colour you’ll regret). There is also a Savers on Goodramgate, a paradise of low price (but good quality brand) beauty products and toiletries. Goodramgate is also home to a good few charity shops that are often sources for a surprising fashion discovery or almost-new vinyl.

Next time you hear students complaining about their city being dull or ugly, you can be smug in the knowledge that you live in is cheap, pretty and full of amazing opportunities for a night out! 

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