The Festive Season In York

York is known as one of the most festive cities in the country and walking around, it’s easy to see why. From the bustling Christmas markets to the thousands of Christmas lights strung around the streets, it’s clear York gets Christmas right.

A survey by Virgin trains looked at 500,000 tweets and found that 89% of all holiday tweets from York were positive. During your time in the city, you should be sure to check out what it has to offer in December: 89% of people can’t be wrong!

Switching on the Christmas lights

The season starts off in spectacular style with the Christmas lights switch on. Thousands of people flood to St. Helen’s Square and a local celebrity (or several) has the honour of turning on the miles of lights that cover the whole city.

Feeling hungry?!

After all that counting down, I’m sure you’ll want something to eat. York is not short of good food – you could even splash out at Betty’s:

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Or try out one of the amazing food stands at the famous St. Nicholas Fair.

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Time for some shopping

After that, you’ll want to check out all festive stalls. Maybe splurge on a Christmas present for a loved one (or yourself, I won’t tell).

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Take a wander along the shambles, there might even be a wintry surprise!

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And at the end of your night, rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve enjoyed the very best of what York has to offer this festive season.

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Merry Christmas! See you next year!

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Hi, I’m Amy and I’m originally from Gateshead (near Newcastle) but moved to York to do an Archaeology and Heritage degree. I’m in my first year and I’m in Alcuin College.

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