A day in the life of a Management student

I love my course as it’s really relevant to what I want to do in my career. Instead of essays we do more practical assessments, like creating an innovative product and planning its launch, or carrying out market research. I’ve decided to do a year in industry because I want to work in marketing as soon as possible as it’s something which really excites me, but I will definitely miss all of the cafes and friendliness of York!

I’ve made this vlog to give you an idea of a typical day at the York Management School, although each day is varied and fun in its own way! Alongside lectures and seminars, there are lots of opportunities to manage your own time. I’m on my netball team committee and love to spend time with friends.

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Hiya, I’m Aiko, I study Marketing with a Year in Industry and I’m a second year in Langwith College. An interesting fact about me… I’ve joined the Japanese society to meet new people and take part in conversation classes, as my mum is Japanese and I’d love to become fluent!