Placements with Careers and Placements

Hi, I’m Maxim. For the past year I have worked at the University in the Careers and Placements team. I have been responsible for various projects such as organizing employer events and creating student case studies. However, the bulk of my placement was based around my own student research project where I gathered student viewpoints, mindsets and data regarding the Placement Year programme.

I really enjoy that my placement is at the University as I haven’t completely lost all aspects of student life. I remember on my first day there was a celebration (I’m not sure why?). So instead of the usual first day at work, I was out in the sun sipping on champagne. I have been able to continue living with my friends and enjoy other aspects of University life whilst working.

I have also enjoyed the flexibility I’ve had on my placement. Not only does the Uni have flexible working hours but I have been giving the freedom to manage my own projects and take them in my own direction which allowed me to use my creativity.

What I’ve learned

I’ve learned quite a lot over the past year. I have gained some technical skills such as how to use certain computer software. However, I have mostly benefited from the development of my soft skills. For example, I am now much more confident with public speaking as I have had a lot of practice. Also, I am a lot better at time management now which has boosted my productivity.

My placement has helped to give me more career direction. It has helped me to identify the aspects of work that I enjoy and more importantly, what I don’t enjoy. For example, I have learned that I get really bored sat at a desk 9-5 doing the same thing. So I plan to go into a career that is quite dynamic and fast paced, where I can be up and about meeting people.

I would say I’ve become a lot more professional. For example, I am able to change my tone and language dependant on the audience, which is a useful skill that I will use throughout my career. Also, I understand how to present myself well and have a professional attitude to work.

Thinking about doing a placement?

Go for it. I’m so happy that I have done mine as I have built up loads of skills and it is a great addition to my CV. I don’t think there’s any reason to not do one. I know that that if I didn’t do a placement I would look back in a few years time and be annoyed with myself.

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  1. Brilliant blog! It’s great that you’re happy with your placement. They do say you usually regret the things you didn’t do, rather than the things you did do. Thanks for sharing.

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