Pre-University Nerves

Pre-university nerves – something that we are all told is completely normal and everyone will experience. Whilst I was looking forward to starting university last year, the sense of not-knowing was still very much there – whether that be not knowing the people, the place or the day-to-day life of a university student.

Nerves are normal

What is important to remember is that nerves are normal and not always negative. For example, you could be nervous to:

  • move into a new house, but know it is your dream home and something you have worked hard for.
  • start school but know you will probably meet people who will be really good friends in your life and find subjects you’re passionate about.
  • start a job, but know that it is something you have always wanted to do and will be amazing at.

There are so many times that you can experience nerves but know that the outcome of the situation has the potential to be positive.

This was very much my feeling towards university before I started – I was nervous to start but knew that ultimately it has the potential to be an amazing experience that gave me a degree at the end of it.

Write it down

One thing I would recommend when it comes to pre-university nerves is writing down what you’re nervous about and how it can be a positive thing. It is something I would 100% recommend doing and I thought I would share my own list that I made last year:

What am I nervous about?

Making friends

Will I be able to meet people who are like-minded and similar to me?

How this can be a positive

I know that I love making friends. Everyone is in the same situation and looking to meet people. I can also join societies and clubs to find friends who are similar to me. Meeting people is fun, and I can potentially make life-long friends.

My course

Have I chosen the right course? What if I don’t like the topics we cover?

I have researched my course and know that it is something I am interested in. Also, I am probably not going to LOVE every aspect of the course which is perfectly okay, but I know that the subject itself is something I am really interested in and can’t wait to learn more about.

University itself

I have taken so long to decide if I want to go to university – is this definitely the right decision?

Like I have said myself, it has taken me so long to come to this decision. So, in reality, I know I have thought through every potential option after school so should be confident in my final choice to attend university – try not to doubt your decisions!


Change is something I always find difficult, I hope I am able to adapt to the change of starting university well.

Change is something I find difficult, yes, but I have always managed to adapt and end up ultimately loving whatever the change entails. Change can be scary, but also necessary and fun – look to the positives and take change in your stride.

Talk to others

I remember writing this list, and it definitely made me feel better about my pre-university nerves. Writing things down or speaking about things is something I think is really helpful! I also spoke to some friends about this, who say they felt the same when they started university! So, if you – like I was – are experiencing some pre-university nerves, know that it is completely normal and also completely okay to feel this way.

I hope that this blog post has been helpful if you’re feeling the same as I did. I would definitely recommend making your own list and speaking to the people around you to ease your pre-university nerves.

My main piece of advice is that pre-university nerves aren’t a lonely experience – so many people feel the same! Also, it is only by tackling nerves head-on that they will diminish and then the next time you approach something you are nervous about, it will be easier to achieve, because you will have overcome similar nerves before.

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