My Freshers’ Week experience

On your first day, I would expect a lot of waiting around! You’ll probably have to wait for your Freshers’ packs and for your student card. And eventually, you’ll be waiting for whoever dropped you off to leave so you can begin to get to know your new flatmates!

There’s a lot of admin involved with the first few days/weeks of university. So it’s worth expecting to have to be patient while things get sorted.

Go to Freshers’ Fair

Even if just to grab some freebies, it’s at least worth checking out what the university has to offer.

Sign up for the mailing lists for any and all societies that you like the sound of. You’re not committing to turn up or to buy a membership. Plus it means you can then select the ones you most enjoy to continue with. It’s also worth turning up to some societies you might not have originally thought are for you. I ended up randomly joining meditation soc and it was one of the best decisions of first year!

Get your bearings

If you’re offered a tour of campus, the town, or how to get to Aldi, definitely take it! You will be so thankful to know your way around when you’re frantically searching for your lecture theatre five minutes before your lecture starts, or if you find yourself lost with only geese to ask for directions!

I was fortunate that my college offered a tour of the city centre during Freshers’ Week but you could easily gather a group of your new friends and explore together. You might get lost, but it’s better to get lost with others and you’ll probably also have fun!

Don’t forget the other campus as well. Whether you’re on Campus East or Campus West, it’ll probably be the case that you eventually have to navigate the other campus. So it’s worth making sure you’ve at least seen it before!

Expect lectures!

Not all departments begin lectures during Freshers’ Week but a surprising number do. So at least if you go expecting them you can only be pleasantly surprised!

Whilst these may not include essential content (although they could do!), they’re often introductory and will tell you about your modules for that year and the general structure of things. They’re definitely worth attending and not too painful if you’re feeling worse for wear! I really wasn’t expecting my lectures to start during Freshers’ Week and remember finding out that they did was a huge shock!

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Hi, my name's Morgan and I'm a 2nd Year Biology student at York.