Christmas in York

I absolutely love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. Everyone seems happy, and the streets are filled with a joyful hustle and bustle. Decorations are hung from everything that will hold them. And jingle bells music fills the air.

I particularly love Christmas in York. I always anticipate autumn and winter because people are lighting their log fires and I think there’s nothing better than walking through York with the smell of logs burning in the air, and everything is fresh and bright.

People come from all over Yorkshire, and indeed the country, to catch a glimpse of the Minster Christmas lights or attend a carol service with York’s beautiful choir.

Christmas market

One thing I highly recommend for any York student is to pop down to the wonderful Christmas Market. Where the scent of mulled wine and lovely seasonal food fills the air. The vendors are festive, and everyone is in the spirit of Christmas. It gets very busy for a reason!

If you want to buy some Christmas presents, there are some lovely souvenirs and locally handcrafted gift stalls. Or if you just want to sample some hot food, there are plenty of yummy stalls including my two favourites: the fudge stall and the doughnut stall. You’ve just got to go and have some fresh, hot, sugary doughnuts one evening with your friends!

christmas booth (2).jpg

So go and enjoy a glass full of hot mulled wine and have a nosy around the amazingly decorated Christmas trees.

Christmas Shop

One thing I love about York is that there are some great historical streets with magical shops tucked into them.

I recommend a walk down the cobbled, medieval, character-filled Shambles (I always get a Christmassy vibe from the Shambles even in Summer). And there you will find a year-round Christmas shop with a massive Nutcracker waiting outside. I can’t think of anything better than going to a Christmas themed shop to get you into that festive spirit.

christmas shopps (2).jpg
christmas shop (2).jpg

The Nutcracker shop has beautiful decorations and gifts. And if you time your visit just right, then every Friday evening in the run-up to Christmas there is snow falling down the Shambles. Make sure you wrap up warm, take your friends and enjoy the snow.

So, not only should you make your way down the magical cobbled streets to pay the Christmas shop a visit, but you should definitely go for the snowy vibes.

York Minster

minster (2).jpg

If you love architecture or just want to go to one of the most iconic points of York, then walking around the Minster will make you feel all those festivity vibes.

With some beautiful quaint coffee shops around, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in the lovely Bennett’s café that sits opposite this lovely landmark.

On Friday mornings at around 9am, I enjoy walking to the Minster to have a listen to the Choir practice going on inside. It’s a lovely sound and there isn’t anything more festive than carols.

Walking around the Minster makes me feel so joyful to live in such a beautiful city. But also, everyone in York is so lovely, welcoming and this is only heightened at Christmas time.

So, get on into the centre of York and enjoy what the city has to offer. With so many festivities and things going on, you won’t want to miss it.

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