Why I chose to study Law at York

Hi all, this is my first blog post, and I wanted to share with you all why I chose to study Law at York and begin my overseas study journey here.


First of all, a bit about my background – I’m from Shandong Province, China, and I’m now in the third/final year of my LLB Law degree.

I initially came to York to do an eight-month (2 Terms) Foundation Course run by the University of York International Pathway College (IPC). Immediately after that, I applied to the LLB Programme offered by York Law School (YLS). I passed the application process and interviews, etc. and started studying Law soon after.

Why York?

There are two main reasons why I chose to study Law at York. They are the City of York itself and the Problem Based Learning courses within the York Law School curriculum. (Old Version of PBL Overview)

The City of York

I didn’t get a chance to attend an Open Day before starting my course because I was living abroad. However, I highly recommend attending one to all of you who are interested in studying at York. At the Open Day, you will get the opportunity to ask student ambassadors and academics questions. It’s also a great opportunity to have a look around and see the University for yourself.

Luckily, I attended a presentation event held in my home city in China when I was preparing for my IELTS exam. The speaker from the International Admissions Office gave a detailed presentation about the city and the University campus. This gave me more of an idea of what I could expect from York.

I was attracted to the beautiful scenery in the city of York and the vibe of the campus at first. Following up with further research, I found out that York is one of the most historic places in England. It’s also regularly voted as one of the friendliest cities in the UK, and has a nice and peaceful vibe. I immediately felt that York would be a perfect place for me to study and live.

Problem Based Learning  (PBL)

Meanwhile, the speaker also introduced a list of degree programmes running at York including the LLB (Law) Programme. They explained the idea of Problem Based Learning (PBL) within the York Law School curriculum. It was my first time hearing about the concept of PBL.

To explain, the Law course that York offers is more practical than a traditional Law degree. It is structured around PBL modules, which apply the definition of the law to real life cases and issues. During the course, you’re empowered to cultivate your communication skills, team-working abilities, problem-solving skills and analytical skills, etc.

I was happy to find out that the skills required and built upon in the PBL modules fit perfectly with my strengths and my learning style, which is learning by doing. I prefer individual study time but I also enjoy working as a group and sharing different perspectives. This made the course a perfect fit for me.


I have been studying at York for nearly three years now, including the eight-month foundation course and the two years doing my LLB degree. Personally, I think I have made the best decision for my future.

I’m enjoying the time studying and living in York. At the same time, I’m still exploring the charisma of the city which is safe but lively. The practical and transferable skills I have cultivated throughout my degree have been really useful. I think that they’ll be the greatest treasure I can possess in my future journey.

I hope this blog was somewhat helpful to you all, no matter where you are in the application process. If you’re still choosing where you want to live or what you want to study, hopefully this has made things easier.

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Hello, I am Yuqi and I am a third year Law student! I've got involved in many activities so far during my time here at York ranging from various of legal and non-legal work experience to working as an international student ambassador.