How to prepare for University during lockdown!

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! I know that being in lockdown can be a pretty scary time and I am sure you’ve found that you now have a lot of extra time on your hands. To make good use of this time, I have created a list of top things you can do to help prepare yourself for uni:

Your University:

  1. Join freshers’ Facebook groups – (the official University of York group will be published around A Level Results Day and posted on the main Facebook Page.) This will allow you to gain some advice before you arrive as well as the chance to speak to other students in the same position!
  2. There is a list on the University of York website outlining what you should bring to Uni. I would recommend printing off this list (or make your own) and start going through it, making a note of the items you have and those that you will need to buy. This means that you can start buying things you will need online or, when the shops reopen, you have a clear list ready.

Your subject:

  1. Free online courses. York is one of many places that are providing free online courses that you can take. Why not take the time to learn something completely new and different? Or use it to learn a bit more about the course you’re going to study?
  2. Practise study skills. UCAS have produced a fab list of guides aimed at improving your study skills which will make the transition to University a lot easier! I would recommend reading through these guides and using the activities in them to practise.
  3. Read around your subject. I would suggest buying relevant books or reading articles related to your subject as this will give you some useful background knowledge. For law I googled ‘must-read books for law students’ and a list came up which you a slowly make your way through!
  4. Listen to podcasts related to your course as this will only help you out when you start your modules.
  5. I would also use this time to remind yourself of what modules you will be covering and how your year will be set out in terms of exams and coursework. You can find your modules on the course page.


  1. Buy a student recipe book online or print off online recipes that you like. You can use this time to practise them (maybe take a few nights a week where you cook supper for your family!) You could even try adapting some of your favourite recipes from home to see if you can make smaller portions or use fewer ingredients. You’ll end up having a good bunch of ‘go to’
    that you know how to cook which will definitely help you out when you come to Uni.
  2. Keep up to date with the news. A lot of what is going on now will impact you so it is useful to keep up to date with what’s happening- you never know some of it may be related to your degree course!
  3. Use the time to brush up on your CV. I found this particularly important when applying for different law events during first year. A lot of the applications required some form of CV so having this prepared and ready to go was very helpful.
  4. Take some time to do something you enjoy, whether that be reading your favourite book, watching a movie or going for a run. Looking after yourself during this time is the most important thing so make sure you take time to prioritise this.

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