Getting in and out of Clearing

This is a strange piece to write, because in some ways I hope that people won’t need to read it, as I hope everyone will get the grades they want to go to the place that they want to go. That being said, if you, like me, find yourself short of the grades you need … Continue reading Getting in and out of Clearing

‘I Don’t Just Want an Office Job’

I’ve been at home recently for Easter, spending some time with my family, and generally just neglecting the copious amounts of work that I have to do for the next term with regard to assessments. Pretty standard student behaviour. This post is inspired by a conversation I had with my sister whilst I’ve been here. … Continue reading ‘I Don’t Just Want an Office Job’

The Wonderful World of Joint Honours

Although I’m an SPS student now, back in the heady days of UCAS applications, that wasn’t what I had put down to try and study. I was originally going to do History, still at York, until a bad grade in my History exams at A-Level put pay to those ideas. After heading into clearing (something … Continue reading The Wonderful World of Joint Honours

One year on

Happy Christmas, and welcome to 2016! As we approach the new term, and I approach the halfway point of my university life, (not quite sure how we got here so quick), I wanted to just look at what things are different between now, and this time last year, and hopefully give a bit of an … Continue reading One year on

Finding the Fun in Formatives

With November rolling around, many students will be recovering from their post Hallowe’en hangovers, enjoying one of the many firework displays in York, and getting in a frenzied panic about just who the hell they’re going to choose to live with next year, having only known the majority of their friends for a month and … Continue reading Finding the Fun in Formatives