Careering into the future (ha…ha…)

Your life at uni hasn’t even started yet and you’re already being asked to think about life after uni?! What is this madness? Sadly, it’s rather important madness. Unless you’re studying Law, Medicine, Advanced Chair Mechanics or something like that, chances are you aren’t 100% certain where your degree is going to take you. That’s … Continue reading Careering into the future (ha…ha…)

“So what do you do for a music degree?!”

When people hear that you study music, they often don’t have much of an idea of what it actually means day – to – day. If you’re considering studying music at York, here’s a rough guide to how I spend the term: Modules Our course is amazing because you focus on just one project per … Continue reading “So what do you do for a music degree?!”

“Do I know what I want to do for the rest of my life!?”

When I was at school, I always thought I would study English at university. A week or so before the deadline to apply, I decided to study Anthropology instead. A year later, I officially left that university and went to York to study Music. My journey to University has not been exactly smooth, so I thought … Continue reading “Do I know what I want to do for the rest of my life!?”

Why I love Music at York

This being my first blog post here, I’d better start basic… I love being at York. Corny as it might sound, I really have been so grateful for my time here so far. I had a pretty unhappy time towards the end of school, and actually went to another university to study Anthropology before leaving … Continue reading Why I love Music at York