Preparing for results day

The lead-up to results day can be a nervous time so we asked some of our current students for their top tips for preparing for the big day.

Results Day – My Story

Hey everyone, I’m Katy and this is what Results Day was like for me. So before I actually received my results, I had a niggling feeling that my exams hadn’t gone the way I’d hoped. So when I wasn’t working (I had a part-time job to help me save for uni) I started doing research … Continue reading Results Day – My Story

My Results Day Story

I was terrified for Results Day! I’d spent the last two years working incredibly hard in the hope of getting a place at the university I wanted to go to. I spent hours every day revising for months running up to my exams. After exams, I spent far too much time panicking about what my … Continue reading My Results Day Story