On placement in Cape Town

The time I spent in Cape Town was one of the most enlightening and character building experiences of my life. During the two weeks my group spent in Cape Town, we worked with a partner organisation called ILRIG (International Labour Research and Information Group). ILRIG are an anti-austerity, anti-neoliberalism, anti-globalisation activist organisation that seeks, primarily, … Continue reading On placement in Cape Town

Human rights placement in York

I was one of a team of 4 students working with North Yorkshire Police on a human rights placement in York. We looked at the impact of framing of rights on their implementation and on the identification of methods of framing to meet particular target audiences. I had returned to academic study towards the end … Continue reading Human rights placement in York

Dipped in the cauldron of humanity: on placement in Cape Town

I have been dipped in the cauldron of humanity, and am wrenched out, spluttering for breath, drenched in ideas, opinions, emotions and wonder at the ‘jumble’ that makes up the recipe of this particular soup. Placements are the laboratories where scientists conduct the practicals they need to research and prove their theories. Our international team … Continue reading Dipped in the cauldron of humanity: on placement in Cape Town

Applied Human Rights placement

If you decide that studying Applied Human Rights at York is the next step for you then I promise that I will just be the first in a very long line of people telling you to take the opportunity to go and learn in South Africa. Because despite the fact that you are going there … Continue reading Applied Human Rights placement