Launch of the White Rose Gender Equality College

Find out how the White Rose Gender Equality College could support your Global Development research project.

The White Rose Gender Equality College, made up of members from the three White Rose Universities, has been formed to highlight gender equality challenges across the world and provide academic teams with access to both expertise and tools to empower positive change within their own research areas.

The College aims to form a strong peer group, where members can share good practice with each other and the wider international development research community, to ensure that research meets the International Gender Equality Act 2014 and also recognises UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – gender equality and broader equity issues.

The college is formed of members from the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield and University of York, with a variety of backgrounds and expertise in gender equality issues, giving opportunity for collaboration and wider learning.

All Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) UKRI and Newton applicants are required to provide evidence that they have considered gender equality within their research proposals. The college is not only for those working on social/community projects but for all researchers working across all disciplines from engineering to the humanities, from health to the physical and social sciences. As soon as you have an idea for a global development research project you are welcome to get in touch with the College who will support your choice of members to engage with. The intention is to integrate and embed expertise throughout the entire project life cycle from those familiar with gender equality issues.

Meet the members of the gender equality college and find out how to engage with them

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