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How to Survive Fieldwork and Data Collection

How to Survive Fieldwork and Data Collection
1-3pm BST
Thurs 18 June 2020

While it’s currently difficult – if impossible – for postgraduate research students to be in labs or go out to do fieldwork at this time, there’s still a lot that can be done in preparation for when movement restrictions lift.

This panel discussion with current PhD students and post-doctoral researchers will look at various aspects of doing effective fieldwork and data collection. The issues we’ll discuss include:

  • What we can do to prepare for fieldwork/data collection during lockdown
  • Working with sensitive data
  • How to ensure personal safety and wellbeing in the field
  • What to do when things don’t go to plan in the field
  • Research ethics

This workshop is suitable for all PhD students who will engage in some type of fieldwork/data collection, whether it’s abroad or near, ethnographic, interview-based, lab-based or utilises different methods.

There will also be time for interactive discussion among participants and/or Q&A.

More information and registration on Skillsforge (Registration closes 16 June 2020).

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