EVENT: Building Ourselves Back after the Pandemic

What can the Arts and Humanities contribute to building the kinds of places and communities we want to live, love, work and play in? 

HRC Place and Community: Building Ourselves Back after the Pandemic
Online Conference: 1st-15th September
Online Event: Tuesday 15th September, 10.30-12.00

The Humanities Research Centre would like to invite researchers in the Arts and Humanities at the University of York, and external partners in the City and region, to reflect together on the themes of Place and Community.

They are hosting an online conference between 1st and 15th September. The conference will showcase a range of contributions from researchers and external partners, with a view to thinking about the ways in which we can develop collaborative research that will help us to build ourselves back as we settle into a rather different world .

You are warmly invited to watch and read contributions from 1st September, and leave comments or questions on the associated discussion boards.

The conference will end with an online event, on Tuesday 15th September, 10.30-12.00. The event, involving both panel and group sessions, will give us an opportunity to come together to discuss the contributions and the themes that emerge from them, connect with other researchers and external partners, and identify opportunities for new research projects and collaborations.

The online event is open to staff and postgraduate students from the University of York and representatives from external partners and communities.

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