Mentoring and buddying

We are pleased to announce that the PGR mentoring scheme is now open to all 2nd, 3rd and final year postgraduate researchers.

All our postdoc mentors are trained to listen and provide a non-judgmental space in which you can share their thoughts about your research, publications, public engagement, career options and the experience of doing research in these peculiar times. We can’t guarantee that you will be matched with someone from your own department but, as active researchers, your mentor will empathise with your situation.

Application closing date: Wednesday 6 January 2021

First year?

First year postgraduate researchers are warmly invited to apply for a Buddy – a current PGR student who will help you settle into life as a researcher. 92% of those currently matched with a buddy said they were satisfied and 88% said it added value to their induction experience.

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Mentoring and buddying

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