Academic Community Group and Skills Sessions

As members of the York Graduate Research School community you are warmly invited to take advantage of the academic skills training and community groups organised by the Academic Skills Community Team. These complement the peer to peer led Thrive and Survive and transferable skills sessions offered by the RET Team.

The Academic Skills Community Groups are cross disciplinary and give you the opportunity to share and discuss issues around academic writing, critical thinking and structure with fellow PGRs. You will be able to discuss and set goals in relation to your academic skills.  

One hour community groups are held twice per week for PGRs and are led by Dorjee Kazi, an experienced community group leader. The sessions take place on Monday mornings at 10.30 and Tuesday afternoons at 15.30 from 15/2/2021. 

You can join the community and get updates on group meetings by clicking here

Our Academic Skills Workshops are designed to enhance your skills in critical thinking, writing and communicating. They are delivered by the Academic Skills Team and are open to ALL students and PGRs.  We are opening out access to a limited number of courses in the first instance and will review, with your help, how useful they are to you. 

If you would like the training to be included in your Skills Forge record you will need to add it in manually using the ‘other development’ tab. 

Read on for a summary of our sessions, and links to book onto our Spring Term  workshops:

Data Analysis
‘Analysing and Communicating Data’
Fri 12th March @ 10.30am
Book data analysis workshop

Academic Critical Writing
‘Academic Writing: What Is It and How to Do It?’
Wed 24th Feb @ 12.30pm
Book academic critical writing workshop

‘Academic Vocabulary & Grammar
Wed 10th March @ 12.30pm
Book academic vocabulary and grammar workshop

Collaboration and Communication
‘How to Improve your (inclusive) communication’
Fri 12th Feb @ 10.30 am
Book how to improve your communication workshop

Self Development and Reflection
‘Recording and Communicating Self Development’
Wed 17th March @ 10.30 am
Book self development workshop

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