Introduction to Data Science Summer School

The University of Maastricht, with the collaboration of the University of York, is organising a two-week Introduction to Data Science Summer School that will take place online in mid June (from the 14th to the 28th of June).

The course starts from basic programming concepts, so no computer science background is required. By following this course you will gain knowledge and insight into:

– Differentiating the steps of the data science life cycle;
– Formulating a data research question;
– Using Python as a programming language to analyse/visualise data;
– Knowing how basic data analysis algorithms work;
– Drawing conclusions with regard to the data question/hypothesis by interpreting the data; and
– Knowing and identifying different responsible data science issues related to aspects such as fairness or transparency.

The course contains multiple practicals over real datasets to give you hands-on programming experience for data analysis.

Application deadline: Tuesday 1 June 2021

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