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HOW TO: Managing your supervisor and preparing for your online Viva

The highly popular How to thrive and survive in your PhD series is back with two workshops for the summer term (and more sessions planned for next academic year). Book your place now.

Managing your Supervisor
Wednesday 26 May 2021

This session will focus on providing information and sharing experience about addressing the supervisor’s role, highlighting some tips and strategies to have an excellent academic relationship during your PhD.

Almost there! Preparing your online Viva
Tuesday 27 July 2021

The session will be focused on providing advice and sharing experiences about addressing the challenges associated with putting your thesis together, defending your writing and choosing the examiners.

We’ve welcomed our new Thrive & Survive Coordinator Estelia. If you have any questions about Thrive and Survive, you can contact Estelia at pgr-thriveandsurvive@york.ac.uk

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