PreCURe – Uncover the potential of your research to make a difference

Make a difference by applying your research! Funded by Innovate UK, PreCURe is a 7 week sprint programme for postgraduate researchers.

The programme is for PGRs in the middle of your research (eg 2nd year PhDs) to find beneficiaries of your research and possible routes to translation. It involves a two-day bootcamp, with individual support from a mentor.

Why apply?

  • PreCURe provides a structured way for students to brainstorm the potential benefits and beneficiaries of their research, the value to them and the questions that need to be asked to prove the level of their need
  • Provides training in how to identify and contact the people who may be interested in your research and have some of the answers.
  • Starts the process of building up the network that will be useful during your career, whether this is in business, industry, academia or the third sector.
  • Provides an introduction to some fundamental business concepts.
  • Provides valuable feedback on the application of your research that can be used to fine tune your approach to industry needs.
  • Collects evidence for you to start to plan your future career.

Application deadline: 10 February 2022

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